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Level 10 Routines..more to come

Family, Future and Me!

Hello! Here is a little bit of information about me:

I live in Murrieta, California with my mom, dad and older brother. Both of my parents are in education. My mom is a 6th grade teacher and my dad is a school psychologist so education and hard work are a part of my family values. My brother was 3 sport athlete but now he is focusing on just baseball. We both work hard in our athletics too!

 I love to read, dance and do gymnastics. I love dogs! I have two super energetic Jack Russell's. I also like to watch funny shows like cartoons but also enjoy Law and Order. A lot of my friends think I smile a lot and I love to laugh and look for the positive in every situation.

I am so excited about going to college and plan on being a child psychiatrist and or a doctor and maybe a own a gymnastic training facility that has dance and acting to make it fun for the gymnasts. I have been told that I am an excellent team member because I am positive and help people see the good. I work hard at everything I do and have a strong faith in God and believe that my strength comes from that. I can say with complete confidence that I will be an asset to any team and college.

Please be sure to check out my other pages to find out my academics and upcoming events and news. 


More Bars Training Nov. 2, 2012
Working full bar routines. Getting ready for first meet at SCEGA Dec. 8th and start of season!


Yurchenko Layout

Round off back hand spring;
Front full -front tuck;
Round off 1 and a half-Front Pike


Free hip Toe-hecht; Tkachev;
Piroutte-Bail HS;
Double Back Dismount

Flic lay; Hitch kick Side Aerial; Split Jump-quarter straddle; Switch leap-split jump; Round Off 1 and half dismount


Yurchenko Full




Round-Off 1 1/2 Front Layout ;Front full-front Pike

*Regional qualifier
*So excited to be a part of the 1st place team at the Western Nationals!
Placed 2nd on Vault and 15th all around.
Vault Training=Yurchenko Layout Full to Mat
Elleyse Garrett Bars Routine Oct. 2012
More Bars Training Oct. 2012
Floor Training= 3 Tumbling Passes Aug. 2012
Bars Training=Tkachev Training Sept. 2012
Beam Training= Sept. 2012
Vault Training: Yurchenko Layout Full to Mat‏ Aug 2012
Bars Training= Catching Bar July 2012
Featured on March 2012
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